Guidelines and Suggested Format of This Forum

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Guidelines and Suggested Format of This Forum

Post  RabidBeaver on Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:04 pm

Use this forum if you're seeking or looking to do creative video related content, Movie Collaborations, Web Series Collaborations, Machinima, Animations, etc

(See the other forums for Gaming or YouTube partner collaborations)

You may also use the "find or offer talent" forums if you don't have a solid idea in place

Suggested format

My contributions = "list them"

I can put in "xx" hours per week

My age = "" (over or under 18 should be sufficient)

You can see some of my prior work here = "URL"

This will be featured on = "explain where"

This will be uploaded to  = "url"

Requirements = "list any that you may have"

I'm looking for = "this"

The project is about = "explain"

(Exclude/Include any other details that may apply)

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