Guidelines and Suggested Format of This Forum

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Guidelines and Suggested Format of This Forum

Post  RabidBeaver on Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:27 pm

Use this forum for video game collaborations. (or anything that requires programming)

You may also use the "find or offer talent" forums if you don't have a solid idea in place and are open to other things!

Suggested format

I am a = "insert talent here"

I can put in "xx" hours per week

My age = "" (over or under 18 should be sufficient)

I'm seeking  = "this"

Requirements = "list any that you may have"

I'm willing to do = "list potential stuff"

I'm Not willing to do = "list potential stuff that you're not interested in"

I'm willing to share/pay = "50% of revenue"

You can see some of my prior work here  = "URL"

This is the project = "describe the project"

You can see some of the project work here = "URL"

(Exclude/Include any other details that may apply)

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